Terms and Conditions of the membership points:

  1. Membership is offered at the sole and absolute discretion of Kowloon Watch Company e-shop may refuse membership to any applicant without giving the reason thereof.
  2. Each Member is required to set a user name and a password
  3. All members have to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use as set out in this website.
  4. Kowloon Watch Company e-shop the right to terminate any membership and/or suspend the right to use any loyalty point without prior notice.
Method of application

To register for membership, an individual must apply online through http://eshop.kowloonwatch.com.hk/en/ and provide all personal particulars as required.

Bonus Points
  1. Each HK$ 10 dollar you spend at Kowloon Watch Company e-shop will be converted to 1 point. The Points may use on next time. 1 point equal to HK$ 1 dollar.
  2. There are no time limit for the point.

    You acknowledge that your entitlement to the bonus points is at the sole and absolute discretion of Kowloon Watch Company e-shop.

About the termination of membership and points
  1. Members will terminate their membership in any circumstances, and all points belonging to the membership will be invalidated at the same time. Membership points are non-transferable and convertible.
  2. Using coupon will not count to a consumption.
  3. Kowloon Watch Company e-shop has sole and absolute discretion to terminate your membership or suspend your right to use bonus points without giving the reason thereof. The reasons that cause the termination of your membership including but not limited to suspected illegal or dishonest activities or breach of Terms and Conditions of Kowloon Watch Company e-shop.
  4. All bonus points are not transferrable.
  5. In the event you return Kowloon Watch Company e-shop’s products and obtain a refund therefore, your bonus points in respect of the returned products will be cancelled automatically. Any bonus point that is obtained by improper means shall be forfeited at the sole and absolute discretion of Kowloon Watch Company e-shop.
  6. Each member should retain the original of the invoice and purchase record card of any registered product for future verification by Kowloon Watch Company e-shop. If the proof of purchase cannot be produced upon request by Kowloon Watch Company e-shop, Brother reserves the rights to cancel any loyalty point so earned and to recover the value of any promotional item which has already been redeemed.
  7. Kowloon Watch Company e-shop reserves the rights to determine the validity of bonus points and make relevant adjustments without prior notice.
Information and use

Your personal consent to Kowloon Watch Company e-shop will be used for the following purposes

  1. Deal with your membership application;
  2. To provide you with the products and promotion of this site;
  3. To carry out the relevant management, operation and maintenance;
  4. Investigation of complaints, suspicious transactions and research services to improve measures;
  5. Disclosure in accordance with the laws of Hong Kong.
  1. The Kowloon Watch Company e-shop reserves the right to modify or delete any terms and conditions of the Member at any time without notice separately.
  2. In the event of any dispute regarding the terms and conditions, the Kowloon Watch Company e-shop will retain the final decision.